Design Ed: Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children?!?


“What is this design thing?” is a question likely regularly on the minds of every single teenager everywhere. Well, if you’re a kid in Toronto, you’ll soon be treated to an answer. The site, Canadian Architect, is talking up the Explore Design conference in October. It’s two full days, built for kids, to explain the industry and hopefully inspire a bunch of them so that, twenty years from now, Toronto will be filled with nothing but designers. That and film crews making movies about Chicago. Here’s some:

Explore Design takes place from October 10-11, 2007 at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. It is a structured two-day event at which students will be provided with the information required to pursue an education, and ultimately a career in the world of design, including fashion design, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, toy design and the dozens of other of design disciplines.

Within an urban and contemporary environment, a consortium of educational institutions, associations and professional groups will be assembled to provide a complete interactive experience through seminars, demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Internationally recognized design professionals and design celebrities will provide inspirational presentations and talks.