Design Council Picks Teams for Anti-Bike Theft Initiative

Despite some difficult hurdles late last year, the UK’s Design Council seems on the mend and eager to get back to what it does best: improving British life through better design. The project they launched back in December, the Residential Bicycle Theft Challenge, which was created, as it sounds, to help curb bike thefts, has now come to an end, with four design teams given £10,000 each to help develop the ideas they prototyped for the Council. The winning teams are The Front Yard Company, Rodd (who created this blog to help follow their progress), Submarine Product Design, and Cyclehoop (who had a story written about them just days ago by the London Evening Standard) — you can take a look at all their proposed projects within their associated links (Submarine doesn’t appear to have put anything online yet). According to the Council, with this new cash injection, the teams will spend the next month “working on solutions to bike theft from inside the home, immediately outside the home and outside in a shed” and unveiling the finished, or near-finished work, sometime shortly thereafter.