Design Council Goes Up for Review

Following the hiring of the button down Michael Bichard as their leader, and seeing him turn out to be able to hold his own after all, the first half of 2010 has been shaping up to be the UK’s Design Council‘s year. First they launched two new types of pint glasses that won’t shatter when a fight breaks out in the pub and then they got Ben de Lisi to design new, less revealing hospital gowns. The Council is now preparing for an official review, explaining that they’re doing so to make sure they’re doing the best they possibly can to promote and encourage British design, though ostensibly also to show the government that they aren’t a waste of resources. The review will be handled by a businessman named Martin Temple whose background is in stainless steel and machine tool productions. So far, everyone seems positive about the review (which they probably would in a press release), that it will wind up being nothing but beneficial to everyone involved. Here’s a bit from Bichard:

“I believe design will play a key role in driving renewal of economic growth and efficient, customer focused public services. It is a rising force on political agendas around the world, in Europe, the US and most notably the Far East, where there is significant national investment in building support infrastructure and growing design capability. The economic importance of design in the UK is not in question, nor is there doubt about the existence of market failures and the need for support; it is a question of how this support is best delivered.”