Design Can Change Opens Up the Floor for Comments and Questions


We heard from our pal Peter over at smashLAB yesterday afternoon, letting us know the they’ve just launched another section of their Design Can Change project: a new online forum. With it, registered users can help contribute to the very worthy project, with topics ranging from upcoming “green design” events to better ways to work with printing, paper and other sustainable materials in your shop, to even working with clients and getting them to head down the green path in a way that makes you both happy (see: so they don’t have to spend much more money, or at least you can try to make them feel better about it). There’s also a section called “Guilty of Greenwashing,” which seeks to “call out any advertising or design that falsely promotes sustainable commitment,” which should be a lot of fun once it starts filling up. And relating to that: as of right now, there are only a handful of posts, because, of course, they just launched the thing. So get in there and remedy the situation by getting a conversation started.