Design 21 Announces Winners of Forest-Saving Design Competition

Last fall, we told you about Design 21‘s visual design competition to get the word out about wood from forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable in their practices. Entrants were challenged to create “a compelling and persuasive message that sparks an interest in FSC and drives people to a consumer-searchable website; a campaign design for online and print ads; and a clever URL name for FSC’s consumer website.” The first-prize winner, chosen by The Nature Conservancy and the FSC, is the France-based design team of Damian O’Hara and Christophe Roger, who created a copy-driven campaign that highlights simple wood objects such as a table and a spoon.

“We selected this campaign for its direct simplicity, warm and humorous tone, and how it allows FSC to reference such large topics as climate change, indigenous people’s rights, and wildlife protection,” said the judges, who also praised the campaign’s “clean, understated design.” O’Hara and Rouger will receive $5,000 in prize money, and another $5,000 will be shared among the designers of the campaign voted “Most Popular” in an online poll (1187 Creative’s “Know Forestry” campaign) and Design 21 advisory board members’ “Judges’ Picks.” Read on for more top entries.

Most Popular and Judges’ Pick: “Know Forestry” by 1187 Creative (Zak Ouart, Ben Ouart, Steven Darby, Russ Gruber, Lindsey Cox)

Jennifer Leonard, design researcher, writer and strategist at IDEO, selected 1187 Creative’s “Know Forestry” campaign because of it’s dramatic and engaging visuals paired with a strong, clear, and compelling message. “I know something’s a good design when my eyes widen and I immediately feel excitement,” said Leonard.

Judges’ Pick: “Protect the Earth: Approved Campaign” by Carlos Pion

“You could almost hear the stamp sound from when FSC approves good forestry,” said judge David Carlson of Pion’s entry. “I’m sure it will be able to create awareness of the FSC label and show people that buying certified products will protect nature, forest, and wildlife.”

Judges’ Pick: “The Eco-Shopping Campaign” by Isabel Sanchez

“This campaign is simple, stark and eye catching—I believe it would stand out and capture the attention of the reader, thus creating awareness that something like FSC-certification exists,” noted judge Halim Choueiry, designer, educator, and vice president of ICOGRADA.