Midwestern Newspaper Asks: ‘Tired of Bad News?’

A pox on anyone who answers, "No."

The only thing we would change on the front page of today’s Des Moines Register is the incline of the smiley face’s mouth. It would have been more appropriate, given the headline, if the line had been pointing downwards.


Metro Voice columnist Daniel P. Finney, who started writing for the Iowa daily at age 17 in 1993, starts off his piece with a homespun recollection involving his Grandma Newcomb. He then, as a tonic for these terrible times, runs down 20 brief items of “good” local news. A couple of our favorites:

10. Two Ankeny police officers pull a drainage grate loose in a parking lot to save 10 baby ducks that had fallen in.

18. Taking a cue from her pastor’s sermon at St. Mark Lutheran Church in West Des Moines, a woman and her husband spend several days refurbishing the berm in the yard of a 90-year-old woman they did not know.

Of course, Finney can’t completely erase the realities of the world. To the immediate left of his column on today’s front page is an item about a plea deal involving a bus driver who left the scene of an early morning accident last December that killed Iowa State University student Emmalee Jacobs. At the time, the 18-year-old freshman was on her way to her first university finals exam.

Image via: desmoinesregister.com

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