Des Moines Register Columnist Explains Why the Media is Chasing Deez Nuts

"It was uncommonly fertile ground for Deez Nuts"

We love a good self-aware article, one in which the writer very transparently asks, and explains, how he has come to find himself at the home of a 15-year-old candidate for president running under the nom de guerre Deez Nuts.

It apparently wasn’t Des Moines Register columnist Kyle Munson‘s idea to begin with:

Munson knew exactly where he stood among the pack of journalists who had snagged, or were trying to snag, interviews with Brady Olson, the boy behind the candidate. “I was just the second journalist—after a TV reporter from Minnesota—to traipse onto the Olson farmstead to pick this unlikely newcomer’s political brain,” Munson wrote. “Brady already has conducted no fewer than 10 email interviews in recent days. As we sat in the Olsons’ kitchen Monday, the phone rang with a call from yet another curious news outlet.”

And after painting a picture of Olson as an earnest kids with a genuine interest in civics, Munson went on to explain what is behind the media’s fascination with the kid—aside from the primal lure of putting the words “Deez Nuts” into a headline.

It’s the sort of media lightning that’s impossible to bottle: Brady picked the right meme at the right time. There was the incongruity of Deez Nuts originating with a seemingly innocent rural Iowa boy. Late summer is a good time for oddball stories. And news headlines already were primed for just this sort of political satire—thanks to the mainstream presidential candidates already flooding into Iowa to gobble pork chops and dispense stump speeches at the Iowa State Fair.

It was uncommonly fertile ground for Deez Nuts.

To that, we would add one more: the inevitable search to escape from the ennui that comes with an election cycle and election coverage cycle that both begin way too early.

We’re now a mere 440 days away from Election Day.