The Fabulous Life of Derek Blasberg

Journalist, Instagram star, life of the party.

The headline for Alexis Swerdloff’s New York magazine piece reads: “Derek Blasberg Is the Truman Capote of Instagram.” A cute comparison, undone slightly by the 50-50 chance that if Capote were alive in this era, he would have nothing to do with social media.

A better description of the CNN International program host, Vanity Fair contributor, Gagosian Gallery staffer and man-about-world comes later in the article, from Christopher Bollen, a writer and editor at Interview. Bollen describes Blasberg as “like Fran Lebowitz, only less grumpy.” Ha ha.

Whatever your analogy of choice, if not Capote or Lebowitz, Swerdloff’s profile piece is replete with paragraph bonbons that confirm the gilded existence enjoyed by Blasberg. Here’s just one example:

Dressed snappily in a tan blazer, a pink button-down and navy trousers, Blasberg explained in his slightly nasal lilt that in two days, he’d be heading to Rome on the “Fendi plane” for the brand’s 90th anniversary. Then to Naples for Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda fashion show. Then he’d meet up with his boyfriend of two years, a venture capitalist named Nick Brown, with whom he has just bought an apartment on 75th between Fifth and Madison. They’d be in Capri for a few days aboard David Geffen’s yacht, Rising Sun, and then St. Moritz for Greek shipping heiress Eugenie Niarchos’ 30th-birthday weekend — all after the few weeks Blasberg’s spent bopping among Cannes, London, New York and Switzerland.

At one point, Blasberg frames his journalism activities with the observation, “Obviously, Anna and Graydon are hashtag goals.” To go along with a generous daily heap of fully realized #champagnedreams and #caviarwishes.

Photo of Blasberg with Geffen via: Instagram

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