Swedish Creative Agency Deportivo Debuts A Tweeting Dress

Swedish creative agency Deportivo has harnessed the social-good power of Twitter to create a dress that aggregates tweets about young people’s views.

The dress, which used the hashtag #Twitterklänning to aggregate tweets on topics from gender equality and race issues to overpriced rent and lowering of the legal age for voting, debuted during Sweden’s Almedalen political week.

The tweets were displayed as scrolling messages on the front of the dress via LED lights.

It was worn by 30 people recruited to wear the dress in public, near the political summit.

As Deportivo put it,

“Young people in Sweden can tweet with the hashtag #Twitterklänning and their opinions, dreams and thoughts are displayed in front of the eyes of the ones calling the shots in Sweden. We crashed the party, so to speak.”

Wearable tech is a hot trend, and Twitter-tied garments and accessories are proliferating. We covered three of them here.

Learn more about the making of Deportivo’s Twitter dress in the video below:

The making of the Twitter dress from Deportivo on Vimeo.