Departures’ Cover Features Never-Before-Seen Mick Jagger Photo

Departures knows that even though the Rolling Stones haven’t produced something worthwhile since the 1820s, the band still has a large following. Therefore it was an easy call to put a never-before-seen picture of Mick Jagger on the front of its May/June issue, the first time the title has ever featured a celebrity on the cover.

WWD reports that the photo of Jagger was taken in 1963 by Terry O’Neill. “The boys were in the dressing room waiting to go on, and Mick was wearing this fur-hooded parka and lurking around,” O’Neill explains. “I got this one straight portrait out of him before he started sticking his tongue out — I got that one, too. But back then newspapers and magazines wanted clean-cut young men in suits and mop-top haircuts.”

ublisher, Steve DeLuca, said he wasn’t sure if the magazine would do a celebrity cover again, but did admit it was “interesting to have a known person on the cover.”

Even DeLuca is kind of over the Stones.