Department of Defense Eases Social-Media Policy

The Department of Defense reversed its three-year-old policy banning access to social-networking sites by unclassified computers in the .mil domain, as well as launching its own social-media hub that incorporates live Twitter feeds, TweetMeme buttons and Share on Facebook links, ReadWriteWeb reported.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube were originally banned by the Pentagon in May 2007, according to ReadWriteWeb, and the Marine Corps followed suit this past August.

The DoD said on its hub:

Under this new policy, there will be open and consistent access across the board, but prohibited content sites (gambling, pornography, hate-crime activities) will still be blocked. Also, commanders at all levels and heads of DoD components will continue to keep networks safe from malicious activity and take actions, as required, to safeguard missions.

ReadWriteWeb also posted a list of military-related Facebook Fan Pages supplied by the social-networking site: U.S. Army (175,000 fans), U.S. Navy (83,775), U.S. Marines (261,412), U.S. Air Force (35,099), U.S. National Guard (6,909), and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen (8,828).

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