Denver Post Scores Some Serious 4/20 Recognition

A convergence of the Pulitzers and marijuana's national holiday.

We were not the only ones amused by today’s convergence of a national marijuana holiday and a newspaper placing as a Pulitzer finalist for a three-part series about experimental marijuana treatments.

The Denver Post’s 2015 Explanatory Reporting citation is also a blazing reminder of just how quickly things have changed on the marijuana citizen and reporting fronts. It was at the very beginning of the eligible Pulitzer year, January 1, 2014, that personal use of marijuana became legal in Colorado. In short order, the Post’s mandate to cover it also changed radically.

From today’s Denver Post item:

The Post’s series followed 12-year-old Preston as his mother, Ana Watson, uprooted her family in North Carolina for a home in Colorado Springs with hopes of helping stop her son’s debilitating seizures with CBD, an oil extract of marijuana.

The three journalists followed the Watson family for months as the family found their journey was harder than expected and the answers they sought more elusive than happy anecdotes seemed to promise.

Colorado and a strain of marijuana low in THC — the plant’s psychoactive chemical — were the only hope the Watsons had left.

Congrats to series reporter John Ingold, photographer Joe Amon and videographer Lindsay Pierce.