DeNA’s Cupcake Carnival Launches on iOS

cupcake carnival 650DeNA has announced the release of its newest puzzle game on iOS devices: Cupcake Carnival. The game asks players to whip up cakes and other baked goods to serve hungry customers. In each level, players are asked to tap and drag their finger across groups of matching cakes to remove them from the screen and serve them to guests. Each level has a different requirement for completion, but multiple power-ups help gamers out along the way.

In each level of Cupcake Carnival, guests appear across the top of the screen, and must be served by removing cakes from the hexagonal game board that match the number and variety of cakes they’re asking for. One may ask for six pink cupcakes, for instance, while another asks for 10 croissants. Moves must contain at least three symbols to be valid, but players can remove as many cake pieces as the can for more points. In addition, if two customers want the same type of baked good, a single move can be used to serve them both, depending on the excess available after the first guest has been served.

CupcakeCarnival_iOS_640x1136_03As players progress, they unlock additional level requirements. One may ask players to clear pastries that rest on top of colored sections of the board, regardless of type. Another may ask players to create donuts to feed cops, by making matches in circular shapes on the board, while still another asks players to drop cookies to the bottom of the board by making matches underneath them, and so on. Some levels combine these stipulations for even more challenge.

Creating a match of five or six symbols creates a multiplier on another baked good, which turns a future move into double the amount of pastries (as an example, a group of five cakes would be counted as ten). Creating a group of seven cakes creates a mega cake, which can be used to clear all cakes of a single color from the board, even if they’re not touching. Lightning bolts will appear on the board after players have served guests with golden order tickets. These lightning bolts can be used to clear large groups of pastries from the screen at a single time. To be specific, players earn these bolts only if they serve the appropriate guests in a single move.

Mega cakes, lighting bolts and donuts are used for free, and don’t take away from each level’s move counter. If players fail to complete a level before running out of moves, they’ll lose a life. These recharge automatically over time.

Additional power-ups are also available for purchase during gameplay, like a piping bag that clears a cluster of symbols from the board, or a spatula capable of instantly serving any one pastry on the board (useful when serving cookies). These boosts are offered for free every few hours, or can be purchased instantly with coins (real money).

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score. Leftover moves are converted into bonus points for extra help in earning all three stars, but if they still fail to do so, users can replay stages to try again if they’d like. These stars are important, as users are encouraged to collect stars in bulk in order to complete some of the game’s secondary missions, which see them leveling up each individual type of cake in the game for permanent score boosts going forward.

Within the next month, Cupcake Carnival will be updated with a new cooperative mode called Star Baker. This will see one special Star Baker level added to each chapter of levels within the game, and users will work with their friends to earn extra stars in this level.

Cupcake Carnival is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.