DeNA comes out with new logo and brand identity

Japanese mobile-social gaming giant DeNA came out today with a new logo and brand identity in an effort to unify all DeNA-owned companies around the world.

The new logo for the Tokyo-headquartered company is meant to represent “Delight” and “Impact the World.” The logo itself features a smiley face emoticon, which resembles the smiley face emoticon in mobile-social gaming developer ngmoco’s logo, a company DeNA acquired in 2010 for $403 billion. The logo is also now in all black and is formatted with a wispy-looking font.

DeNA is also rebranding all 18 of its subsidiaries worldwide to “DeNA” followed by the name of the city where the office is located. For example, ngmoco was DeNA’s San Francisco office, but it is now referred as DeNA San Francisco. Although the partners’ legal company names and first-party studio brands like ngmoco, Gameview and Scattered Entertainment will remain as is.

In 2012, DeNA had a stellar year, reporting its highest ever revenues in its latest quarterly earnings report, purchasing a 20 percent stake for $92 million in Rage of Bahamut developer Cygames and signing multiple developers to DeNA’s Mobage mobile social gaming network.