DeNA announces Lawless, an arcade-style shooter for iOS

Image via DeNA

DeNA hopes crime indeed does pay, even if it’s free to play.

The company today announced Lawless, an arcade-style shooter (think Time Crisis) based in 1990s Los Angeles, where gamers set their sights on working their way up through the ranks of a crime syndicate, robbing banks and even assassinating rivals in order be crowned king of the underworld.

Developed by EightPixelsSquare (founded by key members of Eurocom) in cooperation with DeNA’s Scattered Entertainment studio in Stockholm, Lawless takes a photorealistic approach to each level, with missions based on real-world locations inside L.A.

Image via DeNA

The game features nine main characters, each with the ability to buy and sell weapons as they tackle five tiers of gameplay. From pistols to shotguns to automatic weapons to even a Minigun, the virtual criminals will never feel at a loss for destruction. Gamers will even be able to hire hitmen or medics to accompany them on their crime sprees in order to better complete each mission.

In terms of gameplay, characters duck behind objects until the gamer hits the touchscreen, which in turn swings the criminal out from his cover, firing in the direction of the screen tap.

Image via DeNA

“Lawless is an intense, skillful game designed as an ode to classic ‘light gun’ shooters and filled with the retro Californian feel of ‘90s bank robber movies,” said Ben Cousins, head of DeNA’s European studio operations and general manager of the Scattered Entertainment studio. “It’s been a great experience collaborating with the talented team involved with Dead Space: Extraction to bring a cinematic arcade shooter experience to mobile.”

Gamers who preregister for the free-to-play title today, will receive an alert when Lawless is available to download as well as a free in-game weapon.