DeNA announces G.I. Joe: Battleground and Dungeons & Dragons Arena of War for iOS and Android

Japanese mobile-social gaming mammoth DeNA today announced two more games — G.I. Joe: Battleground and Dungeons & Dragons Arena of War — from its existing partnership with toy and board game company Hasbro.

After landing a three-year licensing deal with Hasbro for the Transformers franchise, the first game from DeNA and Hasbro was Transforms Legends (originally announced as Transformers Battle) for iOS and Android, a card battle game developed ngmoco (review).

Starting with G.I. Joe: Battleground for iOS and Android, producer of the game David Phan describes the title to Inside Mobile Apps as an adventure RPG where players build a team with Joe heroes, Cobra villans, or both. Users are tasked with completing missions, collecting new members (in the form of cards with an action figure as the visual), and upgrading characters’ skills. Like other DeNA games before it, G.I. Joe features special missions, raid bosses, and player vs. player events, which have been extremely successful for other DeNA titles including card battler Blood Brothers.

“We have the opportunity to make the first mobile game for G.I. Joe not based on a movie, but based on the cartoon series and comic books,” Phan says.

Gameplay unfolds in an asynchronous manner, where combat is automated either in player vs. enemy or PvP (one-on-one only), relying on the statistics and skills from a user’s team of three or five characters to determine the outcome.

As for making money, the freemium titles has an energy system like many Japanese mobile games, limiting the amount of time a person can play a day before paying, and there’s also an item shop to purchase additional content. Users can also invite friends and are incentivized to do so by offering the user who invites their friends with rare cards that can’t be acquired by any other means. Early adopters of the game who pre-register for the game will be rewarded with the Storm Shadow collectible character. Look for G.I.: Battleground in early to mid-summer.

DeNA’s studio head for its Vancouver and Santiago, Chile studios Tiburcio De la Carcova filled IMA about Dungeons & Dragons Arena of War, a turn-based battle RPG. First the title’s lore is based off Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Reals, and unlike many DeNA titles, Dungeons & Dragons is fully animated in 3D, running on Unity.

“We wanted a level of deepness that appeals to the core Dungeons & Dragons fan base as well as casual users.” Carcova says.

In the game, users start by creating a character with a choice from 15 classes like warrior, paladin and more. Then the title’s social aspect comes into play, where users can form a party with other users. Players go from dungeon to dungeon, battling baddies in asynchronous turn-based combat against waves of enemies that’s all controlled using touch screen gestures. Users collect weapons and new spells for their characters throughout their journey.

Just like G.I. Joe, all the same types of monetization features like an energy mechanic are present in Dungeons & Dragons. The title also has the lucrative gacha mechanic in the form of chests, which feature random loot. Also present is the fusion mechanic, allowing users to fuse different weapons or spells together, enhancing items further. DeNA expects to launch the game in late summer for iOS and Android.