Demographics Pro Offers The Equivalent of Nielsen Ratings For Twitter

Skillful social listening is all about tuning into your audience and adjusting your social strategy according to your followers’ and prospects’ interests, affinities, and demographics.

Demographics Pro, by the folks at Schmap, offers deep insight into your Twitter following that can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts.

With Demographics Pro, you can:

– Analyze accounts, brands, hashtags, and uploaded lists (e.g. to validate the reach of a specific campaign)
– Compare up to 10 analyses side by side
– Search for accounts influential with your defined target audience

Many social metrics products offer reflection on the demographic makeup of your Twitter audience, including Twitter’s own recently-rolled-out free analytics.

But Demographics Pro goes much further, analyzing gender, age, marital status, income, occupation, race, religion, language, likes and interests, location by country/state/city, and brand affiliation.

You can browse profiles and analyses in your Demographics Pro dashboard, but also download them as PDF reports or spreadsheets.

Here’s what Twitter Analytics gives me as a demographic analysis of my Twitter audience:

And here’s an example snapshot from a Demographics Pro analysis of my own account:

The dashboard is interactive, so you can click on any colored bar to obtain even more detailed information. For example:

You can also run a comparison between any analysis and that of a “benchmark” organization, company, journalist, etc. (500+ total available options):

Here’s what a Demographics Pro analysis of a specific hashtag looks like:

Basically, in the same way that Nielsen provides consumer analysis for TV, radio, newspapers, ads, and product purchases, Demographics Pro gives marketing and advertising professionals detailed insight into the consumers who follow their Twitter accounts, tweet about their brands, and influence their Twitter marketing campaigns.

Demographics Pro plans range from $29.95-$359.95 per month. You can also purchase analysis for any Twitter account, with prices between $20 and $320, depending on the number of followers.

(Paper dolls image via Shutterstock.)