Democrats Launch Third Annual New Media Challenge On Twitter

House Republicans did it in April and now it appears to be the Democrats’ turn: Competing for followers on Twitter.

The competition isn’t limited to Twitter, it includes all social networking platforms with a focus on amassing followers. We wonder who will get busted for buying followers first?

You may remember from our earlier post that representatives from the Republican side of the fence were kicking butt on Twitter. Well, it looks like the Democrats are gearing up to give them a run for their money as they head in to their third annual “New Media Challenge.”

Republicans call their event, also in its third year, the “New Media Contest.” How appropriate that each side has a slightly different take on the exact same thing. We’ll leave you to analyze the deeper meaning, if there is any to be found, in the distinction.

Though whether you Google New Media Challenge or New Media Contest, Republicans appear to have both search results wrapped up. So Democrats certainly need to step up their game in that respect!

All Facebook tells us that last year’s MVP was California Rep. Maxine Waters.

That competition resulted in more than 57,000 new fans, followers, and subscribers across all three platforms — a huge jump from the 14,000 figure that resulted from the first year of the challenge.

At the end of the competition, 50 All-Stars will be named, with the top prize recognized as the MVP. The competition isn’t just open to the Democratic Members of Congress: Committees and caucuses, such as the Congressional Black Caucus, are welcome to participate.

So do you have favorite reps that you’re rooting for? Plug them in the comments!

(Hand holding trophy image from Shutterstock)