Julian Assange Chats With Democracy Now

Wikileaks founder comments on Hillary Clinton's quick engagement of Deborah Wasserman Schultz as an honorary chair.

He’s the man of the DNC hour, cheered by some and vilified by others.

Today, from the Ecuadorean embassy in London, Julian Assange spoke with Democracy Now’s Juan González and Amy Goodman about the havoc wreaked by Friday’s #DNCLeaks release. Most notably, the DNC convention exit of Deborah Wasserman Schultz. From the interview:

“Now, of course, Hillary Clinton has tried to immediately produce a counter-example by putting out a statement, within hours, saying that Schultz is a great friend, and she’s incorporating her into her campaign, she’s going to be pushing for her re-election to the Congress.”

“So that’s a very interesting signaling by Hillary Clinton that if you act in a corrupt way that benefits Hillary Clinton, you will be taken care of. Why does she need to put that out? Certainly, it’s not a signal that helps with the public at all. It’s not a signal that helps with unity at the DNC, at the convention. It’s a signal to Hillary Clinton partisans to keep on going on, you’ll be taken care of. But it’s a very destructive signal for a future presidency, because it’s — effectively – it’s expanding the Overton window of corruption. It doesn’t really matter what you do, how you behave; as long as that is going to benefit Hillary Clinton, you’ll be protected.”

Assange also points to an attachment in the DNC Leaks as perhaps the most important part of the trove: a detailed compilation of Democratic Party donor information with the file name ASpreadsheetofAllThings.