Demi Moore Sees Rupert Murdoch’s Penthouse and Raises…

One of the city's most iconic residential perches hits the market.

ShutterstockDemiMoore2014If you thought listing a New York City penthouse apartment for resale at $72 million was impressive, then get a load of Demi Moore’s hot property.

Per Variety real estate columnist Mark David, Moore has officially listed a Manhattan penthouse triplex she acquired in 1990. Located in the famed San Remo building on Central Park West, the apartment and servant’s quarters can be yours for $75,000,000:

Listing details show the monthly fees for Miz Moore’s triplex run up to $17,912 and monthlies for the maisonette come in at $3,273 for a total monthly outlay of $21,185. Looked at another way, it would take a New York State minimum wage worker who earns $8.75 an hour more than 2,421 hours — that’s more than sixty 40-hour work weeks — to earn enough to pay what Miz Moore shells out each month for her San Remo apartments.

The New York Times was first to report the official listing of PH26C and the lobby-level maisonette, 1H. Moore told the paper she has not been living in the San Remo apartment for several years now and that the penthouse digs are “too magnificent” to sit vacant.
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