Demi Lovato Unlocks Her Latest Tracks Based On The Number Of Tweets Each Amasses

Singer Demi Lovato’s millions of fans flocked to Twitter yesterday to declare their love for her – or, more specifically, her latest tracks.

The singer’s fourth studio album, Demi, isn’t set to drop until May 14.

But the singer challenged fans to unlock each song early online by tweeting its title as a hashtag, releasing each single on her website after a certain amount of crowd-sourced excitement.

As each successive song became eligible for unlocking, here’s what site visitors saw:

Her camp promoted it on her Facebook fan page as well.

And the crowds, as they say, went wild:

This isn’t the first time Demi’s played to her Twitter fans to drum up social support. Back in March, she challenged her fans to unlock her lyric video for her song “Heart Attack” by tweeting words from the new single along with the hashtag #UnlockHeartAttack. It became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Kudos to digital agency Eyes and Ears, who built both the challenge’s clock design landing page and Lovato’s March Twitter promotion for “Heart Attack.”