Demi and Ashton Divorce News Just Took Over the Internet

Photo: AP

Dang!! About 40 minutes ago, Mediabistro retweeted news from the AP that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are getting divorced and now it’s lighting up all of the Internet.

Ashton Kutcher has responded to this AP breaking news, also on Twitter, with a statement. Of course, we just finished writing a story about how Kutcher was turning over his Twitter handle to the folks at Katalyst, which immediately got us (and Glynnis MacNicol) wondering whether he or his ghost writers penned his affectionate divorce tweet.

So this is how it’s done now.

Celebrity divorce announcement news should be coordinated to break and feature comment from both sides across entertainment media and social networks. ABC7 in Chicago dutifully reports (on Twitter) that we have not yet gotten a response from @MrsKutcher. But no matter we suppose since her original statement is now in hundreds of online news stories. And now we have the of what Demi is going to do about her Twitter handle.

My mind is blown, especially because the handling of this news seems completely logical considering the way media works now.

One of my Mediabistro colleagues also brought up the point that, after a day of intense news from Occupy Wall Street, readers may be ready for less important celebrity news to take the edge off. Add to that the build up by the tabs and there you go.

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