Demand Studios Announces Premium Plan For Highest-Rated Writers

Demand Studios, the, shall we say polarizing web content company, announced on its blog yesterday that it will be paying a small, select group of writers significantly more than its normal rates to write for EHow’s homepage.

The 50 initial EHow Premium Homepage Writers have already been selected, but more invites are coming in the indefinite future. These writers will receive $80 per “Premium How To” article, as opposed to $15 per regular How To.

This is a huge bump in pay for the lucky 50 who were chosen.

We would be remiss in neglecting to mention, though, that there are thousands of writers working for Demand, and only fifty have been given the chance to earn this nearly sixfold increase in pay; still, it’s fair that better writers get paid more.

It’s also true that according to Demand’s announcement, “these articles are on a tighter deadline, require greater word counts, receive higher page views and require expertise or experience in a subject area.”

Still. How do you feel about the announcement?