Demand Media Is Cutting Back On Assignments For Writers

Demand Media has told its thousands of freelance writers that it already has too much material and will be assigning fewer written pieces, Business Insider reports.

“We want to be sure we are building on what already exists, not replicating it,” Demand Media leaders said in an email obtained by Business Insider. “This is not to say we will stop assigning standard titles in How to and Topic View format for But it does mean that we will have fewer assignments for the foreseeable future.”

Since the business model for Demand’s writers (to say nothing about Demand itself) depends on volume, this is not good news for those freelancers who made a living cranking out articles on topics as diverse as “Types of hats for kids” and “How to put on a Speedo.”

That said, Demand Media said it was shifting focus to slide shows, video articles and feature articles, and that it was looking for more partnerships where it could showcase its content (like with