Delta Adds In-Flight Wifi Service

Delta Airlines plans to roll out wireless internet access on about half their flights between Washington D.C.’s Reagan National Airport, New York’s LaGuardia and Boston’s Logan Airport. The service will be short-lived, however; Delta is outsourcing the route to a smaller airline in March of 2009, a company called Shuttle America, which does not have wifi on their planes. By then, Delta will have rolled out wifi access on a number of other routes.

The service will be free for local flights through the end of the year; next year, Delta will charge $9.95 for flights under three hours, and $12.95 for longer flights.

JetBlue recently launched in-flight wifi, but only provides access to email, messaging and shopping on Alaska Airlines and Southwest have plans in the works to bring wifi to travelers, while American Airlines and Virgin America introduced the service earlier this year.