Dell Zings its MP3 Plans: Report

Dell_Zing.jpgInformationWeek is reporting that Dell has decided not to begin selling a digital music player again before the holiday shopping season.

After abandoning its first line of music players back in 2006, Dell had recently acquired Zing last year and planned to develop a new kind of hardware device that used Zing’s entertainment software platform. The company has now axed those plans—and with good reason, given that not only has Dell already failed in going up against Apple, but so has virtually everyone else.

Apple currently commands over 70 percent of the portable MP3 player market with the iPod. It’s iTunes Store is also the number one pure-music retailer in the world, beating out Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and others. If anything, the next step is making mobile devices better at playing music, not continuing to develop standalone music players. A recent USA Today report said that clone-brand MP3 players with 1GB of memory will be selling for as little as $10 on Black Friday—which certainly tells us all we need to know.