Dell Venue Pro Status Updates: micro SD, Headphone Jack, Availability

Dell’s Windows Phone 7 based Venue Pro features an interesting design with a physical keyboard that slides down in portrait orientation instead of the more common side sliding landscape orientation. It was among the first 9 Windows Phone 7 devices announced for release this year. Dell issued a few information updates about the product in their Direct2Dell blog.

Where we are with the Dell Venue Pro

1. The Venue Pro is being offered in the U.S. via T-Mobile.
2. Dell only supports the micro SD card configuration ordered. The micro SD slot is not designed to be user accessible. Dell does not want customers to replace the micro SD card.
3. Dell is investigating reports about problems with the Venue Pro’s headphone jack.
4. Dell is investigating reports that camera settings are not saved.

Regarding issue #4. Camera settings do not appear to be saved on my HTC HD7 either. So, this appears to be a Windows Phone 7 issue, not a device specific issue.