Dell Using Intel’s My WiFi in Selected Notebooks to Get Rid of Cables

YouTube video courtesy of Intel

Dell announced…

Dell Offers Three Laptops with My WiFi Option

My WiFi is Intel’s branding that lets up to 8 WiFi devices be simultaneously connected to a My WiFi enabled notebook PC running Windows Vista. If you watch Intel’s video explanation of My WiFi embedded above, you can see that the goal of this technology is to eliminate cable connections between a computer and peripherals or other computers.

This sounds like a great concept. But, I wonder how well it works in reality. For example, what if you are in a home with three notebooks, a couple of printers and media devices which are all My WiFi enabled. Who owns which printer when? Or, how about this scenario: You are in a meeting room with 10 people (each with a notebook or netbook) and a one printer. This already exceeds the maximum of 8 connected devices. Now, how to they manage access to a My WiFi enabled printer or projector?