Dell Tablet Concept With 5-inch Display Looks Just Right Size-wise

Image courtesy of Dell

First things first… The Dell Tablet does NOT exist as a purchaseable product. It is, as the blog subject line below says a “concept”…

Dell Tablet Concept and More: Our Products at CES 2010

That said, this device with its 5-inch display looks just about the right size for an easy to use keyboard-less tablet device. The tablet concept looks essentially like a bigger version of the Nexus One Android-phone. While a lot of people seem to be clamoring for a 10-inch tablet from Apple, I think that is too big for any tablet. It simply is not comfortably “carryable”. A device with a 5 to 7-inch display would probably be just about perfect as an instant-in device for web browsing, email, watching video, and playing games.

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