Dell Streak (5-inch display) Phone/Mini-Tablet Pre-sale Window Opening Soon

Dell is very close to making its long awaited Android-based Dell Streak phone-mini-tablet (5-inch display) available in the U.S. (it is already available in the U.K.). There will be a 24-hour pre-sale window sometime before the end of the month. You can sign-up to be notified of this window here:

If you look at the

Dell Streak product details page

you’ll note that one notable missing piece of information is which version of Android ships with the Streak. Will it ship with the ancient Android OS 1.6 release as it did in the U.K., the old but still shipping 2.1 release or the current 2.2 release currently only available for the Nexus One?

Apps for the Dell Streak will be available from the:

Dell Mobile Applications Store