Dell Sort Of Shows Off Upcoming Tablet

eBookNewser knows you don’t want to miss a single tablet, even, or especially one about which there’s almost no information. Well, yesterday at CES, PC giant Dell unveiled an example of its line of forthcoming tablets, sort of.

On its official blog, Dell brags that “Speaking of things that will ship later this year, we used our time at CES 2010 to show off a 5-inch tablet concept.” That’s about all they say, and folks who were there at the event don’t have much more to report. Engadget speculates the li’l slate is a product Dell’s been whispering about called “the Streak,” though they’re not sure. MacRumors says it’s an Android device with a 5-megapixel camera and maybe a SIM card slot.

5-inches isn’t very big. And what a strange angle for the official promo photo above. But Dell is apparently planning a bunch of tablets for later this year, so maybe there’ll be a bigger one. By the time Apple gets around to bringing its slate out of the ether, it’ll be one of many, many devices in its category.