Dell Removes Mini 12 Netbook Model Outside of the U.S.

Australia’s reports that…

Dell axes its Mini 12 netbook, preps ‘thin and light’ Mini 11 ULV?

Dell’s U.S. website still shows both the Mini 10/10v and Mini 12 models as available for purchase. APCmag reports that Dell’s UK, Hong Kong and Singapore websites have also dropped the Mini 12 netbook model.

While I was disappointed when Dell removed the Mini 9 model from its lineup a few weeks ago, I would welcome seeing the Mini 12 axed. I’ve long though that anything with a screen larger than 10 inches is too big to be considered a netbook. But, I think simplifying their netbook product line is even a greater benefit for Dell. A confused customer is potentially a lost one or disappointed one. I wouldn’t mind if Dell only sold 10-inch netbook models (would an 11-inch model screen really be significantly different?). It would be fine if Dell focused simply on their Mini 10 and 10v models.

In fact, I wish Asus would simply their netbook product line too!