Dell Mini 5 Has Interesting Specs But Will Probably Be Priced Too High to Be in the Winners’ Circle

You have to admire Gadget Labs’ optimism in writing this article title…

Dell’s Tablet Aims to Stick It to Apple’s iPad

While the Dell Mini 5’s 5-inch display has more real estate than, for example, my Droid’s near-4-inch display, it is hard to consider something that “tiny” (relatively speaking) a tablet. I think 7 or 8 inches is where I start thinking “tablet”. But, let’s take a look at the specs’s Gadget Labs reveals. We’ve seen some of this informatoin before, but it is always good to see what new was found in a hands-on preview.

– 5-inch capacitive touchscreen (like the iPhone and all Android touchscreen phones)
– 5-megapixel main camera and front facing lower resolution camera for vido conferencing (definitely an advantage over the iPad)
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor (like the Nexus One and HTC HD2)
– WiFi & 3G
– Google Android 2.0 (or later)

The article notes that larger screen sizes will be available eventually. But, if Dell hopes to capture marketshare, it needs to be a lot cheaper than the iPad (not just “competitive”). The problem for the Mini 5 is its 3G radio. That component makes it difficult to reduce the price significantly lower than the WiFi-only model of the iPad ($499 on the low-end). If the Mini 5 is priced at over $200 with phone service and over $350 without, it is a dead-end product.