Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Dual-Core Netbook: Another Interesting But Odd Streak-like Dell Product?

Video courtesy of DellVlog

Dell teased its convertible Windows 7 based netbook-tablet with a 10-inch display earlier this month. You can see their teaser video above. CNET reports that Dell might start taking pre-orders next week (Nov. 23) before the 2010 holiday buying season swings into full gear.

Update: Dell ‘Duo’ hybrid tablet imminent

The biggest visual selling point is its unique screen that flips within its frame to convert between a standard netbook/notebook configuration and a slate configuration. Its other selling point is a dual core Atom processor (probably the N550 already available in conventional netbooks from manufacturers like Asus and Acer). Here’s a couple of items to think about as we wait for its official availability announcement.

– How durable is that hinge?
– What will it cost? If its base configuration is more than $400, it may be considered overpriced.
– Windows 7 is a good operating system for a netbook with a keyboard. Having run Windows 7 on the covertible Asus T91MT for the past year, I can tell you that using Windows 7 in slate mode is a giant pain. And, using applications NOT designed for touch is even worse.