Dell Gets Nicer, But Beauty is Often Only Skin Deep

Our man with the eye of design, Andy Rutledge, who has just put together another terrific essay, this time a rant about The Poynter Institute starting a new phase of research to determine how people view content on the web, pointed us to Logic+Emotion’s rundown of the new redesign. We found this really interesting, because, as one of us, this writer, has owned many a Dell in his time, we’ve enjoyed their site, but have always found that once you get passed the initial few introductory pages of near most any topic, everything goes to hell and is a complete jumble. So we were curious to read if they’d remedied any of that. Did they? Not so much. The redesigned the homepage and kinda left it at that, it seems. First impressions, from what we’ve read about the company, seem to be their major focus. Here’s a comment, as Logic+Emotion always wants this to turn into a bit of dialogue to figure out what other people think:

Dell will never give up segmentation — segmentation is the means by which they can give different prices to different customers. Consumers are fickle bargain hunters so Dell has to give them lots of sale prices and promotions. Big corporate buyers, however, tend to lock into one product or vendor and buy the same things for years without looking for competitive pricing. Dell charges significantly more to their corporate customers, essentially taking advantage of their corporate inertia. They will die before they give up that ability.