Dell Dealing with Venue Pro (Windows Phone 7) Shipping Delay – Offers Peace Offering to Customers

Dell’s portrait oriented slide out keyboard and my past good experience with Dell’s Windows Mobile based Axim X50v had me very interested in the Windows Phone 7 based Venue Pro. It turns out that it is a good thing that I didn’t seriously pursue buying one it seems because Dell is having problems shipping units.

On the topic of Dell Venue Pro Order Delays (Direct2Dell blog)

Dell is, however, attempting to make up for the shipping delays. Here’s what they are offering people who ordered a Venu Pro on or before December 14:

– Free overnight shipping upgrade for all orders placed up through yesterday, December 14.
– A free Plantronics Explorer 240 Bluetooth headset for all customers who ordered the Venue Pro through yesterday, December 14. Dell will ship the headset to the address you used when you ordered the Venue Pro in 4 – 6 weeks.