Dell Comments on Windows 7 Performance & Upgrade Program Prior to Oct. 22 Release

Now that Microsoft has officially said that Windows 7’s launch date is October 22, Dell issued a couple of statements about Windows 7 and their computers…

Dell Windows 7 Upgrade Program

The three performance related items noted in their blog are (verbatim);

1. Solid Improvements in boot time (ie hitting the power button and getting to the desktop)
2. Suspend results are looking much better (versus Windows Vista)
3. Battery life is still trending to be as good as Windows XP (and better than Vista)

I concur with all three observations based on running Windows 7 Beta and RC on my netbook since January. I’ve been especially pleased with Windows 7’s ability to reliably emerge from a suspended state. My recollection is 100% successfuly emergence from suspended state under 7 RC and just 1 failure under 7 Beta.

Regarding the Windows 7 Upgrade program: My guess is that Dell notebooks will not be eligible since they run either Windows XP or Ubuntu. However, Dell’s blog entry notes that the Windows 7 Upgrade Option has not been officially announced and details will be available after its announcement.