Dell Botches Internal Comm Stunt, Two Execs Land in Jail

Unable to contain their excitement over the launch of the new Streak tablet, two Dell executives were arrested on misdemeanor charges yesterday stemming from a botched internal communications stunt, executed in poor taste and without anyone else in on the details.  The incident took place at Dell headquarters in Round Rock, TX.

According to the police source in the local paper, a person “wearing dark clothing and a skull-pattern mask held small metallic items aloft as he ran through office areas yelling, ‘Go to the lobby.'”  He was trying to round up Dell employees for a celebration of the tab.

Though cooperative and apologetic, Dell’s director of sales was charged with misdemeanor deadly conduct and taken to county jail. Dan Rawson, business transformation manager, initially refused to give the cops the location or identity of his cohorts and was charged with a misdemeanor, interfering with public duties.

Many of the 400 witnesses told the cops they thought they were under seige.

Please coordinate and trust your internal communications team next time you’re planning a product launch party!

[via AgencySpy]