Introduces CookChat

Hearst Magazines Digital Media and MSN’s has announced the launch of CookChat, a new feature that will help make site more interactive by allowing consumers to connect with experts and each other. visitors can enter food-related questions and receive answers and feedback  from the site’s community as well as from Delish’s stable of editors and food experts. CookChat is powered by Hearst’s Answerology platform, which has also be found working behind the scenes at, and

CookChat has its own page where visitors can view popular discussion threads and browse conversations by topic — like, say, holiday recipes. To make it even more interactive (and effective), community members can evaluate and rank answers to questions. The illustrious designation of “Superstar” is given to community members who consistently answer questions thoroughly and helpfully. Superstar commenters will have the further distinction of being featured in a special section of the site.

Matt Milner, Answerology founder and VP of social media for Hearst Magazine Digital Media, explains how CookChat adds a new dimension to Delish’s user experience:

Scale and engagement are two key ingredients in a successful online community. Delish’s huge audience of passionate foodies will guarantee that CookChat has a thriving network, right from launch. Adding this new dimension of interactivity to the site will also create a more interactive, personal experience for Delish’s users.