Facebook Tutorials: How to Delete a Facebook Application

With all the new changes to the Facebook layout, some previously simple actions such as deleting an application became just a bit more complicated.

On your Facebook homepage go to the bottom left-hand corner of the page where it says
“Applications.” When you click on it a list of all your applications will pop up. Near the top of the list you have the option to ‘Edit.’

Once you click on ‘Edit’ you will be shown a list of all your applications. Next to each application are a set of options, Edit, About, and Remove. Click on the little ‘x’ next to ‘Remove’

A window will appear offering you the option to remove or block an application. If you choose ‘Remove’ it will remove the applications access to your information.

If you choose to ‘Block’ an application it will not appear in your profile but you will still be able to access the application and the application will continue to access to your information.If you want to remove the application entirely, just click on ‘Remove’ in the pop up window. You can also click on ‘Remove’ on the Edit page and remove an application that way.

Once you have removed an application it will no longer appear on your profile, boxes, or your application list. It’s still a fairly simple process but it takes a couple more steps than deleting an application in the old Facebook.