Delaware Bill Says Don’t Text and Drive

If you’re prone to “driving while intexticated,” you might want to stay off the roads in Delaware.

Last week, a bill was introduced in that state’s General Assembly that, if passed, will make it illegal to read or send text messages, pictures or e-mails while driving.

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According to The News Journal, House Bill 291 might not have a major effect on those who insist on reading or writing a message on their cell phone or PDA instead of keeping their eyes on the road; a violation would only carry a $25 fine. Police wouldn’t be able to pull a driver over just because he’s texting, nor would they be able to set up a roadblock to check for random texters.

Washington and New Jersey have banned the practice, while California and several other states have made it illegal for teenage drivers to use mobile devices while driving.

Apparently driving while intexticated is more common than some would think. The newspaper cited a Nationwide Insurance survey from January 2007 in which 20% of respondents admitted that they’d sent a text message while driving.