Del Monte Gives Fans the Private Chef Treatment

del monte

We’ve talked about the importance of engaging with your followers on social; here’s one particularly lavish way to reward them.

In short, Del Monte partnered with “on-demand at-home chef service” Kitchensurfing to deliver a surprise meal to 75 Facebook fans. These fans, who’ve interacted with the brand and happened to be in the market for the Kitchensurfing service, each got a special “swag bag” delivery and a home visit from a professional chef—who proceeded to cook a “customized three-course meal created with Del Monte fruit and vegetables” for them and their families.

The ROI is obvious: not only did the project give Del Monte more in-kitchen pics to showcase its products, but many of these recipients shared their own images of the experience with their Facebook friends—and some used the #CookingWithDelMonte tag on other networks as well:

Beyond satisfying these advocates, the campaign also won attention from the very sort of specialized outlets that will help the brand appeal to the audience it’s courting. See, for example, this follow-up post on the Kinda Silly Mommy blog.

Of course most brands don’t quite have the resources of a Del Monte, but this is what we would call “well-earned media.”

Do we have comparable case studies?