Degrees Are Useless, Network Like Crazy, And Other Journalism Grad Tips

Everyone knows journalism grads are in trouble, but that there are jobs out there for people who can hustle.

But what does that mean?

The usual, according to Business Insider: you need to go out and make stuff, meet people, and sometimes suck it up and work for free.’s benevolent leader Laurel Touby told Business Insider that mediabistro’s events remain one of the best features on the site. “The events we do connect people with potential employees and employers. I can’t tell you how often people tell me that they landed a job as a result of meeting someone at a community event.”

As for the whole making stuff thing, the piece brought to our attention a resource we didn’t know about: Regator Breaking News (RBN) which tracks which stories are trending in the blogosphere before they reach major media outlets. RBN is a paid service but you can get a free trial at the website.

As for working for free, well, you gotta get experience somewhere. But you also need to eat. Please remember to balance those two needs!