Defy Media Skewers NewFronts In the Most Loving Way Possible

Gives it the Honest Trailers treatment

Defy Media's Honest Trailers, which skewers new movies, is turning its brutally frank eye toward the Digital Content NewFronts, where, over the next two weeks, more than 30 media companies will unveil new online video offerings for advertisers. Or, as narrator Jon Bailey puts it, "a less glamorous, slightly desperate answer to something we're not quite sure why we do in the first place—with way worse celebrities and so-so food."

"Welcome to the NewFronts, where creative professionals show off new and exciting stories they can't wait to tell. And, brands find new and exciting ways to cram them full of ads," Bailey explains.

While the video notes the upfronts are still the biggest game in town and some of the NewFront presentations can be snooze fests, it also reiterates that some of the best TV shows right now like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Transparent are created by digital companies.

Defy Media will be making its debut at the NewFronts May 4, which it shamelessly encouraged people to attend with promises of free alcohol—because everyone knows the way to get journalists, agencies and brands into the same room is to ply them with booze.