Defunct CosmoGirl Changes Young Women’s Lives From Beyond the Grave

Victors in a contest run by formerly operational Hearst magazine CosmoGirl will be appearing in a documentary on young women in politics, to celebrate Women’s History Month.

This is an amazing feat for CosmoGirl, which folded when George W. Bush was still president. Then again, the timing makes sense, because these young women were nearing the upper bound of the CosmoGirl demographic right around the time it shuttered.

The documentary, What’s Your Point, Honey?, centers around the lives of seven young women who hope to one day run for president. It airs next Monday, March 15, at 8 p.m. on official New York City TV Station NYC Life (Channel 25).

The women were selected in a CosmoGirl contest called Project 2024. The goal of the contest was to place its winners in positions to run for president in 2024. Although it’s too bad that CosmoGirl never lived to see the fruits of its efforts, it’s heartening that its final requests are being honored.

Prospective viewers can check out promo clips for the show here. What’s Your Point, Honey? press release after the jump.

What’s Your Point, Honey? — a documentary film about how young women view themselves in today’s political world — will make its broadcast debut on NYC life (Channel 25) on Monday, March 15 at 8pm in celebration of Women’s History Month. NYC life is a part of the official television network of the City of New York.

Inspired by the conversations taking place during the 2008 presidential election about not if, but when a woman would be elected president, New York filmmakers Amy Sewell (Mad Hot Ballroom) and Susan Toffler (The Cost of Living) decided to examine the current social and political status of the women’s movement by looking to a new generation of young women.

“NYC life is proud to present the broadcast debut of this enlightening documentary,” said Katherine Oliver, President, NYC Media. “We hope the film with start a dialogue about female empowerment among our viewers.”

What’s Your Point, Honey? follows seven diverse young women, who aspire to one day lead the country. Placed in high-powered summer internships in various professions and industries in New York City by a Cosmo!Girl magazine “contest” called Project 2024, the plan is that by the year 2024, these young women will grace the presidential debate podiums.

“The power of this film is that it not only speaks to women, but also to society as a whole, addressing the roles of fatherhood and friendship, while striking a chord with the heart of humanity,” said Sewell.

What’s Your Point, Honey? puts a face on the leadership and possibilities coming down the pipeline for young women while revealing the obstacles they still face today. Two other age groups, teens and tweens, weave in and out of the story to add their generations’ take on the topic.

Three study guides accompany the documentary – College Study Guide, Middle and High School Study Guide, and Viewers Guide (for the general audience), and can be downloadable on the ‘honey stuff’ section of

Following the debut on NYC life on March 15, additional encores of the film will air on Tuesday, March 16 at 2am, Friday, March 19 at 12:30pm and Saturday, March 20 at 8am. Check for local cable and satellite listings.