Defensio 2.0 Guards Facebook Pages

Defense wins championships, and it’s not a bad idea for Facebook users, either. Defensio 2.0, a new security suite from Websense, allows members of the social-networking site—as well as users of blogging platforms including WordPress and Drupal—to prevent unwanted content from appearing on their pages, ReadWriteWeb reports.

Defensio 2.0 combines a URL category blocker, a profanity filter, an executable file blocker and a script blocker, and it offers users a menu page to choose exactly how much security they want to employ and what types of content they want to block, according to ReadWriteWeb.

The package is targeted toward both personal and business users, and ReadWriteWeb reports that it is priced accordingly: $5 per month for users with fewer than 100,000 comments or wall posts; $15 for 100,000-300,000; and for those with more than 300,000, enterprise licenses, which cost $50 per month for the first three and $35 for each additional license.