Defending The New Yorker Festival


Rose Jacobs’ semi-buzzy sucker punch to the literary chops of The New Yorker Festival gets a response from one Martin Schneider, a contributing editor at Emdashes. Emily Gordon also gets in on the act, but it is Schneider’s sneering animosity that gets the last word. Says Schneider, in part:

”Let’s say you’re inclined to agree with Jacobs’s argument that the festival is too ‘self-congratulatory.’ Even so, it’s striking how little evidence she marshals; she quotes zero snotty or smug remarks by actual attendees or participants. There’s no proof here, aside from a single long line and a general feeling that two past events weren’t stimulating enough. Instead, she’s content to tell the story of her train trip with a nicotine-mad Martin Amis and take ad hominem potshots at David Denby. The Voice can do better than this. So often, it has done better than this.”

(image via oldmagazines)