Defending Philippe Starck


We return to Philippe Starck for a bit. Not back to last week’s story about him being involved in dwell logo thieving, but his comments in the German magazine Die Zeit, chiefly, “Everything I have designed is absolutely unnecessary” and general criticism of the industry. As expected because of this, he’s been on the receiving end of a slew of negative opinion pieces himself. But our friends over at frog design have taken the high road and actually looked into what Starck said in their piece “Philippe Starck is Right.” Not only does it reprint the whole interview, out of which those lines everyone’s been repeating were taken, but they also post the negative critiques and their own thoughts about why what he’s said isn’t very wrong at all when you look at the basics principle of design: solving a problem and functional for everyone and anyone. If you’re at all interested in this recent controversy, we highly recommend your latest view is with this post.