Deep “Six”: Dwarf bands duel as Johnson, Wilson are “off”

The New York Post‘s Page Six looks a might odd this morning. Only Paula Froehlich‘s byline is in evidence, with an oblique mention below it that editor Richard Johnson and Chris Wilson are “off.”

(The HuffPo also makes note of the silent treatment given the Jared Paul Stern scandal by Fox News.

Of course, Johnson’s only just gotten married, but his well-timed absence has allowed his archrival, the New York Daily News to exploit the situation with largely-unanswered broadsides about his $50k bachelor party and the lavish gifts bestowed upon him.

Today, there’s plenty of day-after follow-up: Daily Variety‘s Gabriel Snyder and Steven Zeitchik offer a summarized encapsulation of the malfeascence which has gotten the attention of the Feds.

So, too, with Nikki Finke, who on Friday trumpeted that the Feds – tied up with codebreaking on 9/11 related matters – finally have gotten around to cracking Pellicano’s encrypted hard drives with FBI resources.

It makes us wonder: If we have another terrorist attack in the next few months, can we sue Jared Paul Stern and Anthony Pellicano?