Deeamn!: Manohla Dargis’ Gush on Dave Chappelle

The New York Times‘ chief film critic used her review of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party to defend the comedian’s well-publicized feud with Comedy Central and blasted his critics, all before gushing about the new Michel Gondry-directed flick:

The performer left Chappelle’s Show in a smog of rumor, some of which is still stinking up the Internet, where anonymous cowards offer conspiracy theories in the name of who knows what.

Then brief, reflective pause:

But Mr. Chappelle looked and sounded profoundly sane on James Lipton‘s Inside the Actors Studio last month where, between cigarettes and jokes, he offered a mesmerizing, occasionally heart-melting glimpse into both the pressures of his fish-bowl existence and what it can mean for a black man when he makes white people laugh.

Then, the gushing:

The result … is a tantalizing sketch-portrait of the artist amid an outpouring of hard beats and soul.

Then Dargis circles back to defending:

When someone as big as Mr. Chappelle blows up, the only color some see is green, which is something this enormously gifted man seems intent on correcting.

A Comedian’s Ultimate Goal: Rock the Block [NYT]